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Importance of wearing a bra.

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Do I need to wear a bra? A bra tale by a Pakistani girl!

We know, we know how good it feels to let your cha-chas run free, having a life of their own, but we got to warn you girl that all this freedom may come at a cost and may be bad news for your breasts.

We are aware that covid has introduced us all to the bra-less life and oh god(!) don’t we all love that life. Now we really don’t want to be the no-bra vibe killer here but going braless or not wearing a bra with the right support can lead to issues like poor posture, back pain, and sagging. Experts believe that a woman’s breast moves 9 cm on average with every step you take – not just up and down, but also sideways and without a bra to support them it can cause the delicate breast skin to stretch, and permanently damage over time.

If you get home every night wanting to rip your bra off, then you have probably not yet found a bra that fits you right. We believe that like shoes, a good bra should be able to be worn all day and night. At Cherie, we are obsessed with finding you the right size of bra that is not only supportive but also super comfortable.

Here are some reasons why it is time to ditch that bra-less life for good:

A supportive bra helps prevent the damage and sagging of your boobs

As explained earlier, your breasts on average moves 9 cm with each step you take, this movement is even more significant if you take part in sports. If you leave your breasts unsupported throughout the day, the movement will damage the cooper’s ligaments in your breast. Cooper’s ligaments are band of connective tissue that shape and support your breasts. Once cooper’s ligaments are damaged these cannot be repaired or replaced. Even if you are just sitting down without a bra the gravity is doing its job and causing your boobs to droop. This coupled with pregnancy and breastfeeding are the most common cause of sagging over time. A good bra provides the support required to keep your breasts in place, reducing the movement and slowing down the process. Going bra-less will speed up the sagging process.

Wearing a bra makes your clothes fit and look better

Finding a bra that fits can be transformational; in the words of some of our customers ‘it is life changing’. Getting into the right bra can instantly help you look half a stone lighter. It lifts your breast away from your torso and streamlines midriff, making your waist look smaller and your clothes hang better on you.

Wearing a bra is actually more comfortable than being bra-less when you are wearing the right size

An ill-fitting bra or going bra-less can feel terrible. No one enjoys the feeling of their boobs jiggling as you run up and down the stairs or pace around throughout the day. The jiggling especially causes embarrassment for young school going girls. A good fitting bra constraints the jiggle and keep you comfortable all day long.

Wearing a bra can improve your posture and reduce back pain

Breasts can be heavy! An average 32E cup breast weighs between 1.2lb each (0.55 kg each). Yes you read that right – each (although this varies from woman to woman). In theory, if you are a size 32E you could be carrying a kilo of weight on your chest. This weight moves independently to the rest of your body and there is very little natural support to hold the breasts in place. Without any external support, the rest of your body i.e. your bra and neck starts to compensate for the support. This causes poor posture and pain.

Some of the posture issues we usually see with women going bra-less or not wearing the right size of bra is hunched shoulders and a curved spine. This is coupled with back pain for some as the weight of your unsupported chest automatically makes you slouch.

A good fitting bra will make you stand up taller just by hugging in the right places and providing the right support. Feeling supported will take the weight off your back and will instantly improve your posture.

A good fitting bra makes you feel confident and happier

Don’t take our word for it! Some of our customers have fed back that they have felt like a powerhouse just by getting themselves bra-fitted and buying a good fit bra. It really is the magic pill. A good fitting bra that makes your clothes look and fit better makes you more than comfortable, it will boost your self-esteem. When you feel your best, you carry yourself differently. You walk into a room and you own it – like a boss!

We hope these gives your plenty of reasons to show your jugs the love they deserve and keep the precious ones safe from the ruthlessly gravity.

YES! It’s time to ditch the going bra-less idea.

With lots of loves and hugs for your jugs!

The brown bra fairy xoxo

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